Top Tips For Luminous Skin

Bright, healthy, and glowing skin is what we all want to achieve, yet it seems to be unattainable, the holy grail even. With various products promising to deliver that healthy glow, what really helps the skin to look bright and luminous? 

We’re here to tell you that healthy glowing skin is achievable, no matter what’s going on in your life. Even during busy or uncertain periods, it’s possible to benefit from the confidence that great skin brings you. Here are our top tips for luminous skin…


One of the main reasons why your skin might look dull and dry is being dehydrated. Increasing your water intake is a sure way to help your skin achieve that natural glow. Aim to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, more during the summer, and if you partake in high-intensity exercise regularly. This will help your skin flush out toxins as well as helping to keep the skin hydrated. 


What you eat has a huge impact on your skin. A diet high in a wide variety of vitamins and minerals will help you achieve that natural glow, whereas a diet high in processed carbs and sugar will have the opposite effect. Focus on eating lots of fresh fruit and veg, whole grains, and omega-3 rich fish such as salmon and tuna. Try to keep your caffeine intake to a minimum too, instead drink lots of water and green tea to increase your antioxidant intake.


It’s not just about what you put in your body, what you put on your skin is important too. Choosing a skincare range that focuses on natural, botanical, and organic ingredients will help you achieve luminous skin. In addition, using products that contain hyaluronic acid will greatly increase your skin’s moisture levels. This skin-loving ingredient holds up to 100x its own weight in water, which means it draws moisture into every layer of the skin and will hold it there. 

Our Rose Renew collection contains potent natural and organic ingredients, as well as hyaluronic acid. Try using the Rose Renew Facial Oil followed by the Rose Renew Face Cream at night, and the Rose Renew Anti Aging Serum and Face Cream in the morning. 


Much like what you eat, how much sleep you get directly impacts your skin too. While we sleep our skin repairs and regenerates, improving issues such as breakouts, dehydration, and dullness. Getting too little sleep limits this process, and so your lack of sleep will show on your skin.


Regular exercise is a great way to increase your natural healthy glow. When we workout the increase in heart rate gets the blood pumping around the body. This improves circulation and the removal of toxins. Just 30 minutes of exercise three times a week will help boost your natural glow, and will also improve your mood and energy levels too. 

As you can see, your general lifestyle and the products you use can greatly impact your skin health. Just a few changes can create impressive results, and these changes to your lifestyle are likely to make you feel better overall too. 

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