The Full Guide to Caring for Your Skin in Your 30s, 40s & Beyond

As we move through different stages of our lives, our skin has different needs and requirements. That being said, many of us continue with the same skincare routine that we have had since teenagers, with little or no adjustments.

While your skin type plays an important role in your routine, understanding the skin at different stages in your life will help you ensure you provide it with everything it needs to be healthy, strong and glowing. Read on to discover the full guide to caring for your skin in your 30s, 40s and beyond, and how to create the perfect skincare routine for your age…

The focus of your skincare routine at this age should be on stimulating collagen production, reducing pigmentation and improving hydration.


By the time you reach your early 30s, collagen production has started to slow down. At this stage you might start to notice fine lines, particularly on the forehead and around the eyes. You might also start to see the effects of sun exposure from earlier in your life, with some pigmentation appearing during your 30s. 

The focus of your skincare routine at this age should be on stimulating collagen production, reducing pigmentation and improving hydration. As you move through your 30s, you’ll find that the skin will also start to thin, especially around the eyes. It’s not all bad news though, as this is the perfect age to really step up your skincare routine to ensure your skin looks just as great in your 30s as it did in your 20s, only with fewer blemishes now. 

Ensuring your skin is well hydrated is key to slow the ageing process, making a good moisturizer and night cream essential. Look for moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid, as this will help your skin retain the moisture. Apply an eye cream too, as this is where the signs of aging will start to show first. Try the Rose Renew Eye Cream to boost collagen and repair fine lines. 

Consider using a vitamin A serum. A strong vitamin A will work wonders, but it needs to be introduced slowly. Make sure you use sunscreen every day though, as vitamin A increases UV sensitivity. Vitamin A is best used in the evening. Try a moisturiser containing rosehip oil, which is high in vitamin A. Consider also using a serum containing Vitamin C in the morning, to repair damaged skin cells and reduce pigmentation. 

You might find you still experience breakouts in your 30s. Daily deep cleansing is essential to help manage this. Try the Double Cleanse Duo, to remove all traces of makeup, oil, dirt and pollution from the skin morning and night. Double cleansing is a must to deep cleanse the pores and limit breakouts. 


In your 40s everything that started to happen in your 30s progresses further. Collagen and elastin continues to decrease, and your skin has a harder time holding onto moisture, making it dry and sensitive. As you get older, skincare becomes more and more important, not just to ensure you feel great about your appearance, but also to ensure your skin stays healthy too. 

At this stage it’s essential to boost collagen in your skin, to avoid that drawn out look that’s synonymous with ageing skin. Try applying an anti-ageing serum in the morning or evening. Look for something that will work hard for your skin, offering a number of benefits, such as our Rose Renew Anti Ageing Serum. Focusing on improving both elasticity and collagen, it also promotes an even skin tone, softens and brightens. 

Vitamins C and A are still important at this age, possibly even more so than in your 30s. Continue to include these in your daily skincare routine. Try our Rose Renew Face Cream to get your daily dose of Vitamin C.  It’s also important to regularly exfoliate in your 40s. The ageing process causes skin to become dull and pores more accentuated. Improving skin cell turnover can help manage this. Aim to use a gentle exfoliator three-four times a week to improve skin texture and uneven skin tone. 

In your 40s, breakouts are less of an issue. Instead you might find that your skin is drier than it was in your 30s. Because of this, avoid cleansers that strip the oil from your skin. A good cleansing routine is still a must, but now the focus is to maintain the skin’s natural moisturising oils, rather than trying to reduce spots. 

If you find your skin often looks a little dull, brighten your complexion by exfoliating twice a week as part of your routine. 


In your 50s and beyond, it’s still possible to have great looking skin. At this age, the focus really shifts onto anti-ageing and hydration. Many women go through the menopause in their 50s, which means big hormonal changes. The menopause causes a big drop in oestrogen, which helps to maintain the skin’s barrier function. This means the skin’s ability to retain water reduces, making it essential to focus on hydration, as the skin becomes drier. This is emphasised further by the fact that the skin also reduces oil production with age. 

A great skincare routine can help to counteract these effects though. We recommend layering products in your 50s and beyond, using both serums and rich moisturisers to encourage your skin to absorb vital nutrients and moisture. Apply your favourite serum morning and night, and opt for a lighter moisturiser during the day and a richer night cream for the evening. Always apply both to well cleansed skin, but focus on a natural cleanser that won’t strip your skin of moisture. 

Dull skin can be a problem for this age group too. If you find your skin often looks a little dull, brighten your complexion by exfoliating twice a week as part of your routine. 

For the morning, we recommend using the Rose Renew Face Cream after the Rose Renew Anti Ageing Serum. Try a richer oil in the evening, such as the Rose Renew Facial Oil followed by a night cream. If you’re looking for a natural cleanser that will hydrate the skin rather than dry it out, try the Rose and Cupuaçu Enzyme Cleanser. This gentle formula melts away makeup, dirt and pollutants, while moisturising the skin with rosehip seed oil to soften and smooth. It also restores the skin’s elasticity and natural moisture levels. 

Creating and maintaining a great skincare routine in your 30s and 40s will help you ensure your skin stays looking younger for longer. Focus on products full of natural and nourishing ingredients, and always consider your skin type too.


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