Sophie’s Tips For Optimising Your Skincare Routine And Its Results


Yes that's right, I'm a firm believer in allowing my skin to retain its own uniquely and intuitively crafted natural oils especially first thing in the morning. There is no dirt on our skin after sleeping so there is no need to use a cleanser in the morning, the skin just benefits from being refreshed. Any excess oil can be removed by splashing the face with water or with a soothing rose water. The skin can also be gently wiped with a cotton wool pad soaked in rosewater if preferred. Our skin's natural oils (sebum) lock water inside our skin which actually helps to keep it hydrated if left mostly undisturbed in the morning.


By applying your skincare products to damp skin after cleansing, after toner or serum, it allows the active ingredients in the skincare to penetrate the layers of the skin better. I've heard it being said that we can get up to 10 times better absorption by doing this. I like to apply the serum straight after splashing my skin with water in the morning with it’s high aloe, rosewater and botanical hyaluronic acid content, it does a great job of helping to refresh and further hydrate my skin. Straight after the serum I apply the facial oil to lock in all of that dewy moisture.


Unpolished skin can look dull and cause breakouts. Our skin naturally sheds dead skin cells, but they can sometimes stick to the skin, which can clog pores. Exfoliation is key to a glowing complexion, sloughing away dead skin and pore-clogging impurities, which helps antioxidants and vitamins to sink in and work their magic. It’s great when done a few times a week in the evening because after sloughing away the dead layer of skin cells, the skin is left more susceptible to the elements so exfoliating in the evening gives the skin enough time to recover overnight. I swear by using our regenerating face cream at night with its 5% in natural acids it exfoliates gently without the need for manual exfoliation and leaves my complexion looking radiant by morning.

Implementing these simple steps should make a subtle difference in the efficacy of your skincare products. Do you do any of these already or do you have any other tips that make a difference to the results you get from your skincare routine?

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