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Marie Kondo is the author of the bestselling book the life changing magic of tidying upwhich is all about how to tidy, organise and streamline your life. As a beauty junkie, it can be really easy for the products to build up and become out of control. If you follow Maries techniques and steps you will have a much more appealing beauty collection, full of only the things you absolutely love!


First is the most logical step - throw things out if theyre out of date or broken! Having out of date products on your shelves is taking up valuable space. Products are formulated to last 30 months so if youve had anything longer than this, its time to go. Ever noticed the little open jar logo on the back of your beauty products? This is accompanied by a number which signifies how many months it can be kept once open - if your products have been open longer than this, changed smell or consistency, throw them away.

Marie has one particular technique she uses for clothes, books, beauty items and more. If you can hold the product in your hand and it doesnt spark joythen you shouldnt own it anymore. This simply means getting rid of things that dont make you happy. Own 3 body washes that just sit there and dont make you excited to use them? If they're unopened or unwanted gifts, take them to your local charity shop or homeless shelter - otherwise wash out the remaining product and recycle the packaging. After applying this princliple, youll be left with only your treasured items that you truly love.



Once your collection has been whittled down to the necessities, youll want to show them off! There shouldnt be anything in there that youre not proud to own so itll be lovely to display them.

Marie says Makeup is to make yourself beautiful so its very important to store it in a beautiful way."

Using trays, acrylic boxes and beautiful boxes is a great way to show your products. If you have open shelves, organise your products into a way that makes you happy! Make sure you respect and care for your products by cleaning them regularly and throwing them away when needed. Whether you like to colour code or sort by category just make sure its aesthetically pleasing to you.


Now you've streamlined your collection be mindful when you're next tempted to splurge in the beauty aisle, stick to a few favourite products - those you know you will definitely use and choose brands which match your ethical values. Head to our post 6 Tips For Switching To Cruelty Free Skincare for some useful cruelty-free beauty resources!

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