The Ultimate Guide To An Ethical Christmas


It’s hard to believe, but all you need to do is step into your nearest shopping centre and you’ll quickly be reminded that Christmas is just around the corner!

From the speakers blasting out Christmas carols to the tinsel snaking its way around the display mannequins, Christmas cheer is all around.

Of course, strolling through a busy shopping centre is not an ideal way to spend this festive season, not to mention all the unnecessary bits and bobs you’re likely to pick up.

Why not make this year a more sustainable one, by purchasing gifts that are eco-friendly and natural, and follow some useful tips to do your part towards protecting our precious planet?

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Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about foregoing your regular root touch-ups, but rather about purchasing natural products that will not only be a healthier alternative to chemically-laden products but be better for the earth too.

Our plant-based skincare products will take care of all the women in your life (possibly the men too!) and they are formulated with non-toxic ingredients that are safe for your health and good for the environment too.

You also won’t have to leave your couch when it’s freezing outside, because you can do all your Christmas shopping with the click of a mouse! If you're stuck for ethical gift ideas for your loved ones why not treat them to a selection of organic skincare this Christmas.



There's never been a better time to find ready made Vegetarian and Vegan options for your Christmas dinner, with an array of options available at all the major supermarkets - we're personally big fans of Tesco's Cauliflower Wellington here at Baie! If you're a little more adventurous and keen to cook an entirely vegan feast from scratch, Gaz Oakley's Vegan Christmas will fulfill all your plant-based desires with over 70 vegan recipes for the festive period. We can't get enough of his Crispy Roast Potatoes and Trimmings!


Every year, millions of tonnes of waste ends up in landfills, and the majority of that waste happens around Christmas. It makes sense with all the wrapping paper and plastic packaging, but plastic cannot degrade and simply sits in landfills polluting the earth. Wrapping paper can only be recycled if it passes the scrunch test - paper which is very thin, foil or glitter decorated must go into general waste. Even recyclable alternatives like kraft paper can be very difficult to recycle if they are contaminated with sticky tape.

This year we highly encourage you to consider using reusable wrapping paper, Wrappily is a great resource and you can choose from hundreds of lovely designs!


Many people think that a real, living tree is the best way to go, believing it is a more sustainable option, but did you know that roughly the same amount of resources are used to create an artificial tree versus growing a living one? So it all comes down to a few simple tips.If purchasing a real tree this year, be sure to buy one from a farm that supports the forests. Also, if you buy a small tree, consider keeping it as a houseplant when January rolls around.
If an artificial tree is more up your alley then be sure to purchase one that can be used for many years to come. Perhaps you have an artificial tree already, and in that case, you may need lights or more decorations. Why not get crafty, get some friends and family together and make your own DIY sustainable decorations for the tree this year, instead of buying all that plastic. Also, when purchasing lights, look for energy-efficient LED strings.

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