Is Natural Skincare Better?

With so much choice when it comes to skincare, how do you start to narrow down what’s really best for your skin? A great place to start is to consider whether you want to use natural skincare products, or those that include man-made substances. Which is best though? Is natural skincare really the better choice, and if so why? Read on to find out…


If you have sensitive skin, natural skincare is almost certainly the better choice. This is because man-made ingredients are often harsh on the skin, causing irritation. Various ingredients found in artificial skincare products leave the skin feeling drier and in some cases red and sore, whereas natural products nourish deeply and soothe.The Environmental ImpactTHE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT

While this might not be the first thing you think about when choosing skincare products, generally speaking, natural skincare is the better choice if you want to reduce the impact your purchases have on the environment. 

The synthetic chemicals used in products with artificial ingredients can be harmful to animals or plants that they come into contact with. Furthermore, certain ingredients such as aluminium and lead need to be mined, and mining produces pollution. 

Products that use solely natural ingredients don’t have as adverse an impact on the environment, making them more sustainable.Less Is MoreLESS IS MORE

When considering your budget for your skincare collection, you might lean towards buying multiple products that cost less, however, when it comes to your daily routine, for most people fewer products are better. Using too many products can overload the skin and cause more harm than good, causing clogged pores, excess oil production, and even dryness. 

Generally speaking, with products that contain lots of artificial ingredients you have to use a lot of the product to see results, which means each bottle, jar, or pot you buy won’t last long. Natural skincare products go much further, as you need to use far less each time. They tend to be more potent, and so small amounts offer great results.


Think about our bodies and our diet - the more natural foods we consume, the better nourished our bodies are, and the more chemicals and manmade ingredients we consume, the more health issues we are likely to suffer. Our skin is no different - when we apply harsh elements to our skin, it struggles, but with natural ingredients, it thrives. 

The thing about more artificial skin care products is at first they seem to work brilliantly. The chemicals clear up your acne, or greatly reduce excess oil, they strip the skin of makeup and dirt or deeply exfoliate. While these might be desirable results, it’s the long-term impact that we need to consider. Regular use of chemicals on the skin can cause premature ageing, dryness, discomfort, and many other adverse effects. 

By choosing natural skincare alternatives, you can improve the appearance of your skin now, while also looking after its long-term health. Natural skincare can nourish, protect, repair, and strengthen the skin, without causing damage at the same time. In fact, it does quite the opposite.

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