It’s easy to feel envious of all the glowing skin posts when you scroll through Instagram, but keep in mind that most of these pictures are heavily edited or a result of loads of highlighters.

When it comes to glowing skin, we are referring to skin that glows with natural radiance, because you want healthy skin without having to rely on makeup to cover up your imperfections for you. 

Of course, we still love expressing our unique individuality with makeup, but we want it to enhance our natural beauty, rather than cover it up!

In this article, we share just a few of our top tips for enjoying glowing, hydrated skin all winter long!

You may be surprised to learn that your products are just one step in the process!


You really can move your way to happy, healthy skin!

When you take part in an activity that boosts your circulation and gets your blood pumping, you’ll enjoy an immediate rosy, flushed glow as the blood flows closer to the surface of the skin.

However, increased blood flow also provides some pretty impressive long-term benefits too!

When you boost blood circulation it helps to boost collagen production for firmer, plumper skin over time, and it may even keep pesky blemishes at bay because sweating helps to flush toxins from your skin.

So if there’s one thing you can start right now, it’s to simply get moving!

If you aren’t a fan of intense workouts, you may enjoy a gentler, yet still stimulating flow like this beautiful yoga practice!


The air is dry in winter, and we mean really dry.

You have indoor artificial heating that saps the moisture right out of the air, but then the bitter cold and harsh winds don’t help the situation either. 

A humidifier blows a continual stream of steam into the air to help replace lost moisture, and you can even add in essential oils to enjoy aromatherapy benefits!

Try Lavender and Rose to soothe, Citrus and Sandalwood to uplift, and Peppermint to help you focus.


Of course, using the right products is essential too, but using the right products without following the other tips or without eating nutrient-rich foods, you aren’t going to see any major differences.

All these tips are connected and while they may seem small on their own, together they have a big impact. 

When it comes to products, we highly recommend ditching the conventional, chemically-laden options and instead, using only toxin-free, all-natural products, filled with ingredients designed to nourish and provide long-term results. 

We have a beautiful range of products, here at Baie Botanique, but if there’s just one we can’t recommend enough for seriously parched skin, it would have to be our silky and luxurious Facial Oil, brimming in healthy fatty acids, antioxidants vitamins, and minerals to infuse your skin with deep-down moisture and to leave it absolutely luminous!

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The change in season shouldn’t have to dictate the health of your skin. Follow our tips and you’ll enjoy beautiful, healthy skin all year long!

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